Reviews:  Read what clients that have served me said.

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of serving Madam Darkness.

The first time we met in a hotel when she was touring and I met her in a hotel. She had suggested that if I wanted a really intense session with her that I met her at her Chambers in King’s Cross London when I was next there on business.

I could hardly wait for a client to request a meeting in London and I was happy when the client only wanted to see me for a few hours in the morning. I contacted madam and made a bbooking for the afternoon.

I arrived at her Chambers and when she opened the door she was standing there wearing fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. In her hand she was holding a whip and as she closed the door she gave the whip its first usage and it went across my backside as she directed me into her dungeon.

The dungeon is very well equipped with a St Andrews Cross, A Cage and other various pieces of equipment to keep her slaves in perfect control.

I was commanded to get undressed and pack my clothes in a neat pile so as to keep everything neat and tidy.

No sooner than I had got undressed the whip found itself being used against my backside and I was instructed that my head should always be below Madam’s waist.

We talked about what I wanted out of the session and then from that point on she went into her strict mode and there was no turning back.

We paid a visit to the St Andrew’s Cross and Madam secured my ankles and then my wrists. The whip then found my erect penis and she started whipping it saying that I could forget about using that today. She wondered off and came back 5 minutes later. Not sure what she was doing and I was wondering if she would come back and release me. On her return she released me from the St Andrew’s cross.

I had agreed that she could use some electrics on me and bondage and it did not take long before I found my arms and legs being restrained to my body so I could not move them. She then proceeded with some electric play and I kept begging for mercy but she was enjoying it (and so was I).

She undid the leg restraints and put me in the cage. She removed her knickers and sat on top of the cage and demanded that I worshipped her black arse. Her Ass looked so inviting that I started to move my tongue towards it only to be told that the pleasure of tonguing her Ass was a privilege that had to be earned.

When I was eventually released from the cage Madam sat in her chair and I was made to lay on my back. She removed her shoes and fishnet tights and started rubbing her feet on my face. I was instructed to lick them whilst she did this.

Next madam Stood over me and I looked up at her and admired her strong thighs. She stood astride of me and lowered herself onto my face. You will now be my cushion she said. Her thighs were spread either side of my face and her black arse was right over my face. I was starting to struggle for breath and she looked into my eyes and was laughing. She sis give me a few moments to get my breath before planting herself down again firmly on my face.

As I kept trying to speak she told me to be quiet. I was trying to tell her that I could hardly breathe.

She got up and went to a drawer and came back with something that looks like what a dentist uses to keep your mouth open.

She reminded me of our first meeting and asked me if I still wanted to be her toilet. I said yes I would. She fitted the metal gadget to my mouth then started to adjust it. My mouth was now unable to close. She looked at me and said You will get what you asked for.

She wandered off and came back with a toilet box. It was not very deep. It had a catch on the side of it and she unclipped it. She lifted my head and slide the box so my neck was in the cut out. Remember I am still bound arms and legs at this point as well. When my head was in position the top part was put back into place and the latch secured. She then closed the lid. I was now in total darkness. 15 Minutes passed then the lid opened and she was peering into the toilet and smiled. She turned around and all I could see was her black arse. As she sat down her buttocks spread and I could see her anal passage and That was not for long as when she sat down I could see nothing at all and my mouth was under her anal passage.

She said you are lucky toilet I went this morning but I have some more for you.

I won’t go into any more details but be careful what you ask for because you will get served.

The time flew past so quickly. Can’t wait to see here again.

Slave Usemouth – May 2017

Good afternoon Mistress, I wish i had met you much earlier because there is no rush to get rid of me early and you just make me feel at ease to discuss things that we like to do togather.

Thanks XXXX
Slave Doug

Dear Ma’am

I hope it’s okay that I say that I extraordinarily well like your sharp, direct and powerful profile. I think honesty is the most important thing between people. And I feel also that your way to peel everything neat, polite and sweet communication attracts me enormously. This is where the mental domination start and end. Power, submission and humiliation psychlogicly is very important to me. I also liked that you are one of the few who is not trying to look like a dominatrix from a magazine, but has individual strengths and personality. I’m like you intelligent and well-educated, employed as a professor of literature. And I hope to talk more with you and hope I don’t sound too stupid in this message.

yours kim

I have met some lovely mistresses but this was an experience from another dimension-Madame D is warm friendly but with a fantastic imagination and really responsive and knows what she likes but also goes that extra mile to insure you are enjoying yourself. no actress or clock watcher.Ijust cant recommend her could meet hundreds of mistresses and few would even get close to this warm gorgeous lovely lady who I was honoured and priviledged to meet and serve–she is simply the best the ultimate and im her no1 fan-treat her well she deserves it-and thank you mistress for such a lovely time you are an amazing lady a true star long may you continue to shine you lovely lady xxx

Slave Raymond -June 2016

I recently had the privilege of another meeting with Madame Darkness. I made the appointment a few weeks in advance to ensure the date was in her diary. This time I wanted to experience more of the services outlined on her profiles.
I arrived at the appointed time and we started the session after a confirmation of the activities. This time I wanted to be punished as severely as possible within the constraints of not being too badly marked. Firstly I was given an enema followed by a pubic shave to tidy up the area in preparation for later activities. There then followed a teasing session with the use of a blindfold. My nipples were significantly stretched by suction and nipple clamps as used around my nipples, cock and balls torture followed next. A truly wonderful experience and one I want to experience again.
Then the punishment started. Initially it was an OTK warm-up which seemed more intense than usual. Then I was bent over the spanking bench for my real punishment to begin. I experienced a caning for the first time which really hurt but that was what I desired.
After that it was time for some pampering for Madame Darkness with foot and leg massage and other personal activities including face sitting – something else I wanted to experience.
At this point I knew my session was heading to a new level as it was back over the knee for a further warm up followed by the use of all the other implements including the Flogger  and another dozen with the Tawes – the school strap which I particularly like. Finally the session ended .
Slave Will – May 2016

My first visit to ‘Matron’ was so much fun! After a cup of tea and chat, Matron showed me to the bedroom, had me strip and change into my school top and socks (nothing else, hehe) and then lie down for my nappy to be put on. I like my nappies tight but thick, so she put two on me (some lovely plastic backed ones) then pulled some white plastic pants over the top. I was now snug and very happy with my bottom padded and tightly enclosed. I had arrived badly needing to pee, and had asked if I should use the loo first – expecting her to say yes. To my delight, Matron smiled and told me to save it for my nappy as it would give her something to punish me for. (She has a wicked smile – and laugh). So once ready, I was stood in front of her and made to wet. I soon couldn’t hold on any longer, and as I did, bent slightly at the waist, filling my nappy, she looked on, grinning with delight. It was both equally incredibly embarrassing and exciting being watched as I flooded my nappy, and I loved feeling those two things together. It was so clear she was enjoying it too that it made the hole thing easy, fun and ‘normal’. However, soon ‘Matron’ was back and she started to scold me, patting my now wet bottom, telling me what a naughty dirty boy I was, and how she would have to spank me soundly. I loved it! However, as my nappy was still too wet to pull down straight away (it was like a puddle in there, and it takes time for a flooded nappy to absorb) I was sent to the corner. Matron made herself a cup of tea and kept an eye on me until she was ready to have my nappy down to my knees and my wet bottom across her lap for a thorough spanking from her wooden paddle. I squirmed in delight as she made my bottom redder and redder until she was satisfied. The time flew by, but it was so intensely fun and wonderful, I have some great memories to hold onto. Thanks Matron!! (We took some pics at the end, which was enormous fun! No doubt you can see ‘matron’ trying not to laugh!)

Little Timmy – February 2016

“(…Madame Darkness…) Friendly, charming and able to put you at ease.
Sexually austere (no contact) which is perfect for the role. Firmly delivered corporal punishment as accurately described.
Yesterday I received my first ever wonderful spanking and caning from Madame Darkness. I am on Cloud 9 now that I have lost my spanking virginity to such a stupendous punishment-provider. Every second of our two hour session was a delight providing a heady mix of pain, agony, pleasure and delicious anticipation which is difficult to compare to anything else.
Before the meeting I was full of anxiety about how the session would proceed, because I knew only that I was meeting with an arrestingly beautiful and dominant persona who was able to dish out some effective CP. I did not need to worry, because she was so straightforward. She led me directly into the punishment room in a DD setting with some implements already laid out. A quick discussion of preferences and then I was naked over her shapely stockinged knees being smacked for the first time. Absolute nirvana. Starter giggles on my part quickly subsided as the blows became heavier and we moved to implements.
Her guidance was invaluable. We took two breaks for discussion about ideas of about 10-15 minutes each. The first let me wind out of my initial over-stimulated shivery-fingers kind of reaction. Slowing down at this point allowed me to absorb the pain far more calmly: as exciting as before, but more pleasurable too. The same thing in the second break leading up to the caning.
My reaction to each implement was very individual. I found twenty or so strokes of the flat wooden paddle to be extremely beautiful. So you might have thought this would apply to any wood. But no: I found the hairbrush very jagged and plain ‘nasty’. Still within the bounds of being pleasurable because of the confident, smiling face of my punisher,of course. So I had just completed my final ’Twelve. Thank you Madame.’ with the hairbrush when Madame D showed me the second hairbrush. It proved just as ‘nasty’ as the first. Can you imagine my surprise when she showed me? Priceless!
Madame D kept the best for the end. Three sets of 12 strokes each of some carefully calibrated canes: one quite thick, one quite whippy and an amusing crook handled cane. At this stage the advantages of a lengthy warm up in a two-hour session became clear. The caning was glorious. In a fantasy world where I had the time and money, I could imagine asking Madame D for a caning all afternoon. It was that enjoyable.
If. like me, you are a male needing to be taken in hand and applied some firm corporal intervention.

Slave John -October 2015 – Hertfordshire.

When I first put my eyes on Madame Darkness I could feel the natural dominance of this powerful woman.  She was just standing there at the door in her vanilla clothes no whips no nothing but it was very clear from that moment who was in control.  She made me wait in the dungeon room on my knees eyes down until she was dressed. After what felt like forever I could hear her heels on the floor. I didn’t dare to lookup  and but could feel her powerful presence  in the room. She slaps me hard in the face why aren’t you waiting naked for me slave? You will be punished for that and what a punishment it was. Thank you Mistress for teaching me this lesson I clearly needed.

Slave Jamie – Sept 2015  – London