Financial Domination

Expert in financial domination, a true Money Mistress.

Madame Darkness to you slave!

A beautiful voluptuous BBW Black Mistress who revels in financial domination and servitude. I am an expert in cash extraction. In real life you dream of getting close to a true goddess like me. Now you have the chance to spoil me with gifts and tributes.

Let’s get one thing straight; I don’t need any of you!

If I ever decide to pick up the phone and let you dribble and stutter it will be because I am bored and I am in a generous mood. It WILL NOT be to entertain you. It will be to control you, your body, your mind, your cum, your breath, your wallet. I will have you worship me, please me, pay me, buy me things, serve me.

Get ready to become completely obsessed with me. If you have earned the priveledge of an audience with me on Cam, I will expect to see you on your knees looking up at your new owner. Your Findom. I am your religion! You will worship, honour and obey me 

So what happens now ? Financial Domination cashed up by piggy bank

This is where you take the first step into financial submission. I will exploit and use you for my own selfish gain. As your new owner and boss you will pay for the privilege of being my human ATM and pay pig.

Begin your journey into submission! First send me a tribute and then you may contact me via email.

You may also send me a UK amazon gift card here. Or buy Mistress a gift here  and it will be delivered directly to me. Controlling men is my passion, you will become my loyal servant. As your mistress, I will always be in control, you take your place here on your knees worship and obey my every demand.

Madame loves to be pampered by her slaves who succumbs and cares for my every desire, in domestic and financial areas, you may choose to contribute to my ever expanding expenses.

  • Clothing £ 300 per month
  • Rent £800 per month
  • Cell phones £100 Per month
  • Car payment £ 300 Per month
  • Utilities £400 per month
  • Internet / TV £100 per month
  • Beauty treatments £50 per week
  • Miscellaneous £100 per week

Welcome to my world of financial domination!

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