Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Where are you based?
A. I am based in Hitchin Hertfordshire and Ocho Rios Jamaica, I currently hold sessions in Hertfordshire, UK-Wide, the Caribbean and fly me 2 you packages around Europe the Caribbean and beyond.

Q. How much notice do you need for a booking?
A. 24 hours notice minimum  but I can sometimes accomodate same day appointments.
I require 24 – 48 hours notice for hardsports
I require 48 – 72 hours minimum notice for long distance bookings  outside of England.

Q. Do you do Overnights?
A. Yes i do, advance booking required.

Q. What height are you?
A. 5ft 5 or 167 cms

Q. Would you do an outcall to a hotel or my home?
A. I do out-calls to hotels. for this i will need your Surname and Room number. As a security precaution i would not do an out-call to your home until you have served me a few times and i have got to know and trust you.

Q. Do you do Duos?
A. Yes i work with other Stunning  Mistresses  for double sessions. and a black Master subject to availability.

Q. Will I be visiting “Your” City?
A. I don’t know how many times i have to say this “I WILL ONLY TRAVEL TO YOUR CITY ONCE YOU HAVE SENT ME A DEPOSIT OR SPONSOR ME!” Meaning, I do not run all over the country unless you have shown Me you value my time and attention. You cannot expect me to take you serious about serving/submitting to Me if you do not appreciate and value my time.

Q. What is Sponsorship?
A. Sponsorship means you pay for Mistress flights and accommodation. In return you get priority sessions.

Q. Why do you ask for a deposit in advance?
A. Due to time wasters and No-Shows it has become necessary.

Q. What Equipment do you have?
A. My studio in Hitchin Hertfordshire is fully equipped with the following…

  • A four poster BDSM complete bed with under bed cage, suspension rigs, stocks and St Andrew’s cross.
  • Anal hook
  • balls crusher
  • Smother box with head lock
  • Toilet Box with head lock
  • Massage table that is also used as a bondage table.
  • Spreader bar
  • A range od dildos & Butt Plugs
  • Oxygen Mask
  • Leatherotics Leather bondage Body bags
  • Bondage hanging swing sling
  • E-Stim – with various attachments for advanced electro play
  • Electro play shock wand cattle prod
  • Electric shock kit, electro dilator urethral sounds
  • Estim electro penis plug
  • Standard Uretheral Sounding Kit
  • Sensations tools: steel brush, spikes feathers etc
  • Nipple Clamps, Anal Probes, Pinwheel, Mouth Gags
  • Strapons: All sizes to extra large
  • Medical play assesories 
  • Needle play: Needles, pins, infusions
  • Shoes: Boots and Stilettoes
  • Uniforms: Nurse, nanny, catsuit and PVC outfits.
  • Chastity Device
  • Leather Hoods
  • Large collection of Canes, Floggers & Whips – Leather & Nylon
  • CBT: Cock & Ball Parachute, Humbler &Weights
  • Ropes
  • Pet play assesories 
  • Paddles: Leather & Wodden
  • Cuffs: Leather, Wrists, Arm Binder
  • Canes: Wooden & Perspex
  • Collars: Leather
  • Blindfolds
  • The Iwand with various settings
  • Douche Bag & Enema Bottles
  • Fake Pussy: Flesh-light and others
  • Fisting  hand 
  • Covid-19 temperature monitor check
  • Disinfectant, First Aid kit, Gloves, Condoms, Wipes, Lubes, Sharps Box, bondage tapes… to name a few.

Q. are your breasts real?
A. yes, au natural

Q. Why have you changed your tour cities??
A. I will change My travel dates and Cities that I am visiting due to supply and demand. Simple as that! A lot of cities that were initially on my list I have cancelled because those that have enquired to serve and session have yet to put their money where their mouth is.

EASY, Not complicated, Self explanatory and Idiot proof.

Q. Would you travel overseas with me?
A. I am available for Internationally travel, subject to booking conditions.

Q. What are your specialities or things you enjoy?

  • Anal / Strapon Play
  • Medical play
  • Breath Play
  • Bondage
  • Corporal Punishment, OTK with Canes, Whips, Floggers Tawes, Cat o Nine, Bull Whip, Paddles, School Slipper etc.
  • Electrics
  • Adult Mothering and some age regression scenarios.
  • Worship
  • Face Sitting
  • Head & Body Scissors
  • Water sports and Hardsports 

to name a few…

Q. Are you an escort or a Mistress?
A. I am a professional Dominatrix / Mistress. NOT an escort. I do not switch, I do Not offer sex.

Q. Do you provide Escort/ Personal Service?
A. No I don’t…However I work alongside independent ladies who are happy to provide the services that I don’t offer.

Q. Do you accept gifts?
A. Yes. Mistress loves to be pampered and spoilt so feel free to spoil me!.

Gifts are always welcome and appreciated.

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