ABDL in Hertfordshire UK

Nanny D’s Adult Baby, Diaper Lover (ABDL) Nursery in Hertfordshire UK

Note: This service is an authentic  traditional homely  experience  from a domestic environment or hotel. for ABDL’S  NOT a Commercial  ABDL nursery.

My AB nursery experience caters for Adult Babies – Diaper lovers and little sissy girls over the age +21 y. Old, very experienced as well as novice age players and adult baby role players. My ABDL world is only for adults who have fantasies of regressing to infancy or childhood as a way of escapism of their stressed daily routine. I am not interested in children and please never ask to engage with minors because you will be reported to the met. Police.

Working Hours:

My normal working hours is from 9. am until 10.pm 7 days per week (subject to availability). I also offer sessions very early in the morning ( from 7 am to 10 am) as well as overnight (after 8.pm, but this must be arranged in advance and pay a deposit to secure the session.

What I offer my ABDL Lovers:

Nanny D welcomes Adult babies, Diaper lovers and Sissies to experience a variety of age regressing activities at her home or hotels in Hertfordshire. You can experience adult baby and Sissy regression sessions, adult baby sitting, diaper fetishism, adult baby infantilism, adult baby medical fetish. Nurse, school boy/ school girl discipline, ABDL fantasies, diaper play, breastfeeding, diaper punishment and all ABDL scenes possible.

Activities may include tailor made role – play encountering my personality in any of the following:

Adult baby wear, frilly party frocks, sissies with lots of bows, cuddles and hugs. Encouragement to explore, safe space, tender loving care, tactile, “firm but fair” high chair, nourishment, force – feeding, C/P, spoon fed, baby bottles, baby et wipes, zinc cream, terry nappies, sponge bubble bath, cream and talcum powder your bits and pieces, pink nail varnish, sexy sissy, mincing step, humiliation, dance, crusty, showing off, garish frilly outfits, girly socks, stilettos, alluring lingerie, bright pink lip gloss, transformation, beautiful princess, hair removal, girly wig, wayward school boy who don’t like colour pink!, slutty school girls, role – plays, corporal punishment, hog ties, nurturing, mashed banana, doggy food, mouth soaping, outings, tactile baby massage, photos ( only if you agree to this), breast feeding, anal probing, hand relief, toys, over the knee spanking, sissies bending over, make – believe, cream pies, creamiest.

Nanny D has a good understanding of client’s requirements.

  • Facilitating your exploring safely, your unique needs and wants.
  • Confident manner that helps to put even the uninitiated (to adult baby nurseries) at ease with her capable “hands on” approach.
  • Nanny D will ensure her Adult Baby space is clean and hygienic.
  • Skype sessions, 1 to 1 visits to my premises. Hotels visits offered.
  • Spanking bench, handy for misbehaving.
  • Corporal Punishment


I am happy to let my little charges wet their nappies, But there will be no defecating in them or you will be punished! I keep a variety of diapers, please bring your ABDL outfits  along with you as I supply the bare minimum.

Gloves will be worn when dealing with my charges wet nappy. After being cleaned up I am more than happy to powder you and place a clean nappy on without using gloves as I believe in creating emotional intimacy in my adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) nursery, but not at the expense of hygiene!.

Naturally when I am changing nappies etc, washing, wiping and powdering I come into contact with my little ones bits and pieces. For a full – on sexual encounter a broad minded escort could be a better option than myself.

I welcome little ones bringing along their own clothes if they would like to model them for me. The same in regard to any toys. I am more than happy for you to bring them along but if they are insertables they have to be unused, in their original , sealed packaging. I do not I do not handle other people’s insertable toys that have been already used.

Naturally I am happy to place my charges in my arms and have them snuggle up for their bottle feed or breast feeding. I expect my personal boundaries to be respected. Likewise I respect the boundaries of my little ones.

I nanny D, I’m always dressed appropriately around my little ones for their nursery experience, but naturally there may be times when my charges are in a stage of undress:)

Discretion is the key when out and about in the public arena. You are not to draw undue attention to yourself by manner of dress, action or speech.

Nappies can be worn discreetly under clothing, but outward appearances of babyhood are not permitted when visitors are with me outside. Indoors is another matter and I will dress you up to express your inner babyhood and / or inner sissy.

My time, energy and creativity is to be respected . I expect that the vast majority of my ABDLs and sissies will be a joy to have for the Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) experience here in Hertfordshire UK. But if this ethos is something you will have difficulty with, better not to contact me.

spanked by Madame Darkness
Bookings in Advance:
Bookings in advance, write an email with your request.

The session must be arranged at least 24 hrs in advance and a non refundable deposit with a minimum value of £100 will be required. Payments must be made  into my business account. or you may contact me for other payment options.


2 nannies for 1 hour plus hotel / travel expenses, enquire

1 hour ABDL session including hard sports

90 minute session splashing an adult baby
90 minute session Nanny & Adult baby splashing

I am available for overnight sessions in my chambers or your hotel or private residence (4/5*) . Please email or call me to discuss details and length of time.

Please provide full name, hotel phone and room number.

Same Day Appointment / Last Minute Call

For same day appointment, call between the hours of 8am to 10am, 7 days per week subject to availability.

Tribute – Same Day:

Half payment non refundable deposit will be required then cash on arrival.

Overnight package – Outcall only

Arriving at 9 pm and departing the morning after at 9am, indulge in adult baby play overnight with nanny D. This includes 4 hours of actual play time, this can include a range of activities such as sensory deprivation and anything from light and comfortable restraint to restrictive bondage combined with a sensual teasing, gags, plastic clothes, sissy dresses, nappies, foot fetish, tie n tease and any other BDSM activities you can imagine within my limits or sweet or strict nanny role play, evening meal paid for by you, bath, sleep time, shower and breakfast

Half Day AB Sitting:

From 10am to 3pm / 5 hours with nanny D.

No special request will be accepted.
Full non refundable payment must be paid in advance.

Please note:

  • Playing with or changing messy diapers not allowed.
  • French kissing not allowed.
  • I do not provide or sell drugs.
  • Arriving under the influence of alcohol and I will cancel the session.
  • During the session , if for any reason you would like to leave earlier, be aware that under no circumstances I will refund or make a reduction of my rates.
  • If your visit involves a trip out you must pay for expenses.

Deposits are non refundable.
Bank Transfers / Over counter or contact me for other options.

If you have any questions or would like more information please give me a call or apply via my Contact Form and I’ll get back to you.

Phone Number: +44 (0) 7492 864 266