I’ve been a dominant all my adult life within my relationships as anything else is just not an option,.I often wondered what life as a pro-Domme would be like full time but stuck with my nursing career and never quite took the plunge, that is until…yes fifty shades of grey!.

I’m approaching my first year as a pro -Domme and I must say its not a bed of roses as some might lead you to believe, there’s the plus side of being your own boss and the independence it awards you, but then there’s the negative side. Unfortunately the world is full of fantacists who will pretend to be genuine potential clients, their sole intention is to send you round the garden path only to realise there’s no booking.

On the other side of the coin you have your beautiful and very talented competitors. ‘The Mistresses’ from whom you will receive fierce opposition to your existence. Some will go as far as trying to push you back. Which means if they can sabotage you and your business in any way they will and believe me ive had a few of those. if you are lucky to find a mistress who is a genuinely nice person to take you under their wing and offer you friendship or guidance consider yourself extremely lucky. Yes im afraid most ‘Mistresses’ do not understand that we are all unique, each with our own unique qualities and style and that there is room in the business for everyone. Some often desire worldwide monopoly in he business…or so they thought. Unfortunately you’ll find The term ‘live and let live’ does not resonate with most.

I’ve rolled and is still rolling with the punches, I’ve met some lovely prince’s and some not so nice frogs too but overall I love my new profession and lifestyle and im here to stay until I choose to retire.

Many thanks to all my slaves/subs that have served me over the past year!

And for those who haven’t, What are you waiting for?.

Madame Darkness