Well things had been pretty quiet so I thought I would pop into a local hotel for a drink.

As I entered the hotel I saw a sign saying “Part Time Janitor wanted”. Well being quite handy and curious I asked a girl at the desk about the position and the girl called the manager. After the quickest job interview I have ever had he told me I had the job.

He then asked me if I could start immediately, to which I said yes. He then informed me that he had a job for me straight away and told me to go to room 403 on the 4th Floor as there was a problem with the toilet in that room.

I jumped into the lift and went to the fourth floor. As I arrived outside the door of 403 I could hear Reggae music being played which was quite loud. I knocked on the door and waited. After a few minutes with still no response I then banged on the door as hard as I could.

The door opened and there standing before me was this large black woman. She was obviously still in the process of getting dressed but she had fishnet stockings on held up with suspenders and a rather short dress on.

She asked who I was and what I wanted. I told her that I was there to solve the problem with her toilet.

She invited me in and I said thanks Miss to which she promptly came back and said that will be Madame D to you.

I went into the bathroom and looked into the toilet. It was completely blocked and in an effort to flush the contents away the water was almost overflowing. She said to me that the toilet in this room is no good to me it keeps getting blocked so I need an alternative what are you going to do ?

Well I said I can unblock it and then it should be fine. She then told me well everytime I deliver an egg down there it gets blocked so something different needs to be sorted out.

I said to her leave it to me and I will see what I can do. I then asked her would you be happy using a different sort of toilet but that would need emptying by the cleaning ladies.

She said I dont care just get me something that works.

I left the room and went downstairs to reception. I asked the girl behind the desk if there was a store room anywhere and she pointed me in the right direction.

When I arrived at the store room I found a toilet seat, A heavy duty piece of plasic, Gaffer tape and an old disabled shower seat which was broken.

I mounted the toilet seat onto the legs of the shower seat and made a funnel of the plastic and found an old bowl which someone had obviously used one end of it for something but it was still deep enough for the purpose I had in mind. There was also a piece of wide elastic so I sowed the two ends together to make a loop but it was too small to go around the bowl.

The construction took me a couple of hours and I proudly went back into the lift back to room 403.

I knocked on the door very loudly again and the woman opened the door. She did not seem to have made much progress on getting dressed the only addition was that she was now wearing a pair of strappy stilletto shoes which looked like they had very sharp heels on them.

When I entered the room my first impression was “what a mess”. The writing desk had a bowl on it, Kellogs crunchy nut, an opened litre of milk, bananas, pears and a toilet roll.

She then asked me so how is that contraption supposed to work then ?

I explained that you put the tray underneath it and then sat on the toilet seat and did what she had to do and everything would end up in the tray. She just said something about being smelly and I handed her a can of air freshner. She just looked at me as if to say “Smart arse”

She told me to put the device over by the desk. She looked at it for a while and then commented “are you sure that will take my weight and as there is no seat cover that lifts up how will I know I am in the correct position ?”

I just looked at her and said how am I supposed to know.

Well she said let me sit on it. She sat down and the device remained firm. She then stood up again and said well you better look up from underneath it to make sure my arse and pussy is inside the toilet seat as that seat looks a bit small to me. I looked at the seat and thought to myself well that is the same as any other one I had seen.

She spotted the thick elstic loop which I had made. She asked me what it was for and I said oh that is no good. She said well when you go take it with you and put it on my head and slide it down around my neck. She said that is to make sure you dont forget it.

Not wishing to offend her and it was my first day on the job and i was told customer service is of utmost importance in this hotel I just left it round my neck.

I lay on the floor and tried to look up through the bottom of the plastic sleeve but the legs were in the way. I lifted two of the legs and moved myself into position so one set of legs were by my arm pits and the other two legs above my shoulders.

I then pulled on the plastic enclosure to pull it tight and found it actually fitted over my head perfectly. The plastic was covering my ears. Then i felt the elastic strap which was around my neck being repositioned to secure the plastic tight against my face. I tried to move my arms but she just kicked them down again.

A few minutes passed then the woman who had obviously stood astride of my body on the floor started to work her way forward to position herself over the toilet seat.

At first one huge thigh appeared still clad in its fishnet stockings. Swiftly the other thigh appeared on the opposite side of the seat. I was now looking directly up her dress but she was still wearing her knickers so all was not revealed.

Just as I started to relax her hands lifted her dress and in one swift movement she lowered her knickers partway down her thighs. her black pussy and jet black anal passage were now clearly in view. Her knickers were obviously on the outside of her susspender belt.

She sat down and before I could check if she was correctly positioned I was plunged into darkness. I was just about to really start worrying when she lifted one of her bum cheeks which let in some light but promptly planted it down again before lifting the other one and planting it down again. Clearly all she was doing was spreading her buttocks on the toilet seat to give her anal passage a clean exit into the toilet below.

I tried calling out to say that it was too dark and I could not see if she was correctly positioned. The music was still going on and I knew she just could not hear me.

I was now encapsulated at the bottom of a toilet and my mouth was the lowest point.

I then started to hear a faint ringing noise and i realised that she was actually eating her breakfast and the spoon was knocking onto the bowl. She obviously finished whatever she was eating but there was still no sign of her getting up.

I tried to wave my arms to attract her attention she kicked my arms to the floor and then dug the heels of her shoes into my hands pinning them down. i was now completely helpless.

I could then hear a hissing noise and a smell filled the enclosure. she had farted. The punjent smell slowly faded but i had no choice but to inhale it as I had to breath.

Just as the smell was starting to go a really big fart came out of anal passage which smelt even stronger than the one before. I was just about to think that this is the worse day in my life when I then heard what first sounded like running water and then realised she has started to pee from her pussy and it was running down the plastic. As her stream got faster it started to bounce off of the plastic and started splashing over my face. I closed my mouth firmly but then realised that as I was at the bottom of the toilet my face would flood and once my nose was covered I would be unable to breathe. I quickly opened my mouth as wide as I could and started drinking the piss which was rapidly building up in the enclosure.

I could then hear what sounded like miniture explositions or a crackling sound I was tring to work out what it was. I did not have to wait long to find out. She had opened her bowl and her shit was falling on my face and going into my open mouth.

A Large piece made a direct hit into my open mouth and blocked it straight away. She was still peeing and the level was rising rapidly. I had no choice I Bit off the bit which had sunk deep into my mouth and quickly swallowed it so as to allow the pee to be swallowed so I did not drown.

I thought that was it but she sent another load down out of her anal passage and again scored a direct hit on my open mouth.

I quickly bit it off and started swallowing again as fast as I could.

The pee coming into my mouth now tasted different. Her shit had partly broken up and was dissolving and mixing with the pee and was freely draining into my open mouth. My mouth was now nothing more than a sewer connected to her toilet.

I could hear grunts of excastcy coming from her sitting above me and fast breathing. She was obviously enjoying and savouring every minute of it.

I was wondering if she knew what was happening to me below her. Clearly she felt it was no concern to her she wanted a fully functioning toilet and that is all I was to her. If she had any idea of what was happening below her she clearly was not worried or felt any need to concern herself. She was enjoying it and I was nothing more than a fully functioning toilet to her which she was going to use to empty all her stomach waste into.

Suddenly I could see light I thought she was getting up. Instead she wiped herself clean and just dropped the toilet paper down into the enclosure.

She did get up eventually and just peered down into the toilet and simply said “Yes that will do nicely”


Toilet Slave