Who was the first sub T-girl you ever dominated?

I have always had a number of submissive cross-dressers among my stable of slaves, but the first girl was Dolly Dee who has a fetish for dressing up like an elegant slut and then being fisted or being used as a cum dump and giving oral to groups of men. She is 100% passive and enjoys receiving cock in all her orifices, although I never once had to tie her down to make her do it. Some T-girls put up a bit of a fight, but she’s a very willing and naughty slave!

What happens to the ones who put up a fight?

I have several ways of dealing with subs who are unwilling to embrace their girlie sides. I might forcibly rip off their shirts and ties, then threaten them with a spanking or worse if they don’t wear lingerie or a sissy outfit for me! And as for the ones who pretend they don’t like the thought of sucking cock or taking my strap-on dildo hard up the arse; well, it’s just a case of handcuffing them or chaining them to one of my crosses and benches, then I’ll pull down their panties and turn them into proper girls! And they always quickly learn to love it!

What do you like best about dominating T-girls?

Well, as a bisexual domme, I just love the sight of a feminine men dressed up in lingerie or a slutty dress and heels. In fact, the cuter and pinker the outfit is, the more I love it. It’s genuinely a big turn on for me.
Plus, I love that sense of role reversal. As soon as they’re dressed, they become the pretty girl and I become the one with total power; and as I tie them to the cross or strap them to the bed, I love knowing that they’re mine to tease and play with how I wish!

And what are your favourite games to play with a trussed up tranny?

Well, because I see cross-dressed males as women, my male alter ego instinctively takes over. And I always want to bend them over and give them a real taste of what it feels like to be a woman being screwed by a man, so I’ll strap-on one of my many dildos and give them a proper seeing-to.

God, I just love having a big dick strapped between my legs! And I especially love hearing my slutty sub T-girl’s howls of delight, as he feels my dildo ramming deep between the cheeks of his cute, little arse!

Oh, and I love spanking T-girls in bondage, too. There’s just something about the sight of a male arse in frilly pink knickers or a skimpy red thong that makes me desperate to get out my riding crop and paddles, then to thrash that arse while calling my slave a ‘dirty little T-girl slut.’

And what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done to a captive T-girl?

Well, I love pushing a sub’s limits when he or she is trapped in bondage, so fucking them with a slightly bigger dildo than they were expecting is always lots of fun. But the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done to one of my T-girls was taking him out to the woods, tying him to a tree and then giving him a long, deep fisting. It was a really humiliating and extreme session for the T-girl in question, as not only was he being fisted outside in female clothing, but also there were dog walkers going by all the time. And he was terrified of being exposed in public as a T-girl, but none of the dog walkers ever noticed us. Still, it really set his nerves on edge, and I don’t think I’ve ever known a sub to be so relieved to be freed from bondage.