Femdom and BDSM holidays in Jamaica and the Islands of the Caribbean

Fetish Joy on your Femdom and BDSM holiday in Jamaica, the Caribbean

It’s impossible not fall in love with this lively, yet laid back, island destination with its beautiful and lush green scenery, laid back and smiley locals, beautiful soft white beaches with the bluest seas and a myriad of exciting activities to try out. If you are looking for Femdom and BDSM holidays in Jamaica and the Islands of the Caribbean, I have quite a treat for you.

If the Caribbean islands is on your bucket list, then you’ll know of its tropical climate with back to back sunshine, crystal clear turquoise water and castaway island style beaches on which to unwind and frolic… Yes Jamaica, ticks all the boxes and it’s no wonder, the residents in this island paradise wear their smiles wide.

femdom vacations jamaica

It goes without saying that as a local, I am available to be your dominant Jamaican date for your Femdom and BDSM holidays in Jamaica and the Islands of the Caribbean. I have recently developed a number of different Femdom Vacation packages.

I am  currently investing in the construction of my very own luxury hedonistic SM Studio in the area of St Ann in Jamaica close to the resort town of Ocho Rios. In a prized geographical location less than 5 minutes drive from all the luxury 5* all inclusive hotels, it is set to open at the end of 2020 (unless subject to unforeseen delays).

I also host private and very sexy Femdom Events and the next run of parties will be in September 2020.

However, as we all know the islands of the Caribbean are varied, and therefore, my Femdom personal companion services are available to accompany you on your visit and show you the best that Jamaica has to offer. 

Hedonism Jamaica

First off… aside from my own Femdom Vacations, what other kinky holiday options exist? Depending upon your orientation, perhaps the naughtiest option is Hedonism II located in Negril. It’s a hotel experience which puts unadulterated pleasure as its ethos. A place where you can leave all your hang ups behind and party with like minded hedonists. Yep, it does what it says on the tin! Live your submissive dreams with a dominant mistress, Madame Darkness Queen of Kinky Caribbean.

If you’re after something a little more subtle, how about Couples Tower Isle, an all inclusive hotel with its own nudist island served by its own boat to transport you across from the private beach. 

Ocho Rios, Negril and other tourist hot spots

If your idea of a perfect itinerary is more “go slow” beach bum style, then why not try swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios? Or spending a day relaxing on the absolutely stunning Seven Mile Beach, Negril. Perhaps you’d like to hit the waves or join a catamaran cruise to the Dunn’s River Falls. This famous landmark features a 600 ft ascent and stunning waterfall. Then stop off for snorkeling and swimming in the warm, clear water. Then sit back and enjoy delicious appetisers, an open bar and a DJ on board during the cruise. 

If you’ve got a head for heights then head to Mystic a Mountain for a Rainforest Adventure. To get up to the visitor centre, you take a chair lift which climbs to a height of 700ft. You’ll have an amazing bird’s eye view of the beautiful rainforest canopy and spectacular views of the bay.

If all of this upward trekking gives you an appetite, pop into the Visitor Centre for Jamaica’s famous Jerk Chicken. If the exertion of the climb has made you hot and bothered, you can get wet all over again on the pool’s waterslide. Instead of taking the chairlift you can hurtle down the side of the mountain at breakneck speed in a bobsled. If you really want an adrenaline rush, you can whizz down on the Canopy Zip Line!

Bob Marley, Jamaica’s national treasure

Another part of Jamaica’s proud heritage is the legend that was Bob Marley. For those interested in his life,  you can sign up for a Roots, Reggae and Culture tour. It takes around 7 hours and features a visit to the place he was born and finally laid to rest. Enjoy live reggae music as your Rastafarian guide shares insights into Bob’s life and musical career. The tour ends with a visit to a Revival Church.

Spoil your Mistress on your Femdom and BDSM holidays in Jamaica and the Islands of the Caribbean

If you fancy a bit of retail therapy in Jamaica, there are lots of options from markets selling local souvenirs and island crafts, through to high end jewellery stores. You’ll be able to negotiate though Jamaica, like many other travel destinations, does have its fair share of counterfeit brands. Be aware that that amazingly priced handbag is in all probability a knock off! Mistress does not appreciate cheap and nasty so make sure you check with her on the legitimacy of any gifts you might like to tribute her!

Finally, if this is awaking a desire in you to travel through the Caribbean under the control of a professional and lifestyle dominatrix… what are you waiting for ? Apply for your Femdom Vacation here

Dominatrix in the isles of the Caribbean

Who is Madame Darkness – Kink Queen of the Caribbean

Dominatrix Caribbean
Madame Darkness
  • renowned, professional, multi skilled BBW Black Mistress based in London and Jamaica.
  • multi skilled and highly experienced in all aspects of BDSM and Domination BDSM may include any of the following listed on the link here Sessions 
  • facilitator of all things fetish and taboo
  • Alternative event planner and host of numerous kink-tastic Caribbean events* Click here for upcoming Femdom Events September events 2020
  • All wrapped up in a dark, sensual, curvaceous package!

For the month of September 2020, I will be in my chambers near Ocho Rios for the covering Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Montego Bay, St Bart’s, Negril and Kingston Jamaica.

During my time in this paradise island, as well as hosting 3 spectacular BDSM/fetish party events (if you’d like Tickets to attend one of my private events Click here ). In addition, I shall be available for your one-to-one private pleasure and pain by personal request. You may apply to serve me in my private domestic chambers near Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Bespoke requests catered for in Jamaica. (Fetish & Vanilla) LGBTQ welcome. A 50% deposit is mandatory with all bookings for session. The remainder is payable in full on arrival.It goes without saying that good manners and personal hygiene is essential.

In addition, subject to screening, I am available to accept call-outs to reputable 4/5* hotels (you pay the day/guest pass). You may also sponsor my trip to visit you elsewhere in the Caribbean if you are a resident and desire the company of a dominatrix, or if there are discerning gentlemen who enjoys travel, you may make a request for me to accompany you as your dominant escort. Imagine the adventures we could share in Barbados, The Bahamas, St Martin and, of course, the 5* resorts of Virgin Gorda and Punta Cana.

Let your imagination run wild as you picture the excitement of serving me in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable; miles of soft white sandy beaches touched by the rays of endless sunshine, warm blue seas lapping at the shore as you follow in the wake of your beautiful dark Mistress…

…Shopping trips to find me the perfect pair of stilettos to wear for you to worship my gorgeous feet. Meals in the best restaurants restaurants savouring in gourmet seafood feasts. Perhaps after I have enjoyed my own meal, I may deign to hand feed you the leftovers from my own plate,followed by evenings in hotels for BDSM behind closed doors …

…or maybe discreet and subtle Femdom in public, how much can you handle? A good lesson in public humiliation should have you quivering and on your toes in anticipation of the next round. Make sure you keep Mistress happy or you may be bound and gagged for the night lying on the floor whilst mistress sleeps peacefully in the luxury hotel bed next to you. Make your Caribbean  vacation a memorable one,

Special Femdom Vacations for slaves, Private 121 and duo sessions available to book throughout the month of September 2020. Apply to serve me in Paradise .

I am  currently investing in the construction of my very own luxury hedonistic SM Studio in the area of St Ann in Jamaica close to the resort town of Ocho Rios. In a prized geographical location less than 5 minutes drive from all the luxury 5* all inclusive hotels, it is set to open at the end of 2020 (unless subject to unforeseen delays).

The T-girl Tormentor

Who was the first sub T-girl you ever dominated?

I have always had a number of submissive cross-dressers among my stable of slaves, but the first girl was Dolly Dee who has a fetish for dressing up like an elegant slut and then being fisted or being used as a cum dump and giving oral to groups of men. She is 100% passive and enjoys receiving cock in all her orifices, although I never once had to tie her down to make her do it. Some T-girls put up a bit of a fight, but she’s a very willing and naughty slave!

What happens to the ones who put up a fight?

I have several ways of dealing with subs who are unwilling to embrace their girlie sides. I might forcibly rip off their shirts and ties, then threaten them with a spanking or worse if they don’t wear lingerie or a sissy outfit for me! And as for the ones who pretend they don’t like the thought of sucking cock or taking my strap-on dildo hard up the arse; well, it’s just a case of handcuffing them or chaining them to one of my crosses and benches, then I’ll pull down their panties and turn them into proper girls! And they always quickly learn to love it!

What do you like best about dominating T-girls?

Well, as a bisexual domme, I just love the sight of a feminine men dressed up in lingerie or a slutty dress and heels. In fact, the cuter and pinker the outfit is, the more I love it. It’s genuinely a big turn on for me.
Plus, I love that sense of role reversal. As soon as they’re dressed, they become the pretty girl and I become the one with total power; and as I tie them to the cross or strap them to the bed, I love knowing that they’re mine to tease and play with how I wish!

And what are your favourite games to play with a trussed up tranny?

Well, because I see cross-dressed males as women, my male alter ego instinctively takes over. And I always want to bend them over and give them a real taste of what it feels like to be a woman being screwed by a man, so I’ll strap-on one of my many dildos and give them a proper seeing-to.

God, I just love having a big dick strapped between my legs! And I especially love hearing my slutty sub T-girl’s howls of delight, as he feels my dildo ramming deep between the cheeks of his cute, little arse!

Oh, and I love spanking T-girls in bondage, too. There’s just something about the sight of a male arse in frilly pink knickers or a skimpy red thong that makes me desperate to get out my riding crop and paddles, then to thrash that arse while calling my slave a ‘dirty little T-girl slut.’

And what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done to a captive T-girl?

Well, I love pushing a sub’s limits when he or she is trapped in bondage, so fucking them with a slightly bigger dildo than they were expecting is always lots of fun. But the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done to one of my T-girls was taking him out to the woods, tying him to a tree and then giving him a long, deep fisting. It was a really humiliating and extreme session for the T-girl in question, as not only was he being fisted outside in female clothing, but also there were dog walkers going by all the time. And he was terrified of being exposed in public as a T-girl, but none of the dog walkers ever noticed us. Still, it really set his nerves on edge, and I don’t think I’ve ever known a sub to be so relieved to be freed from bondage.

Mistress’s Kinky Plans for Ocho Rios, Jamaica

A Caribbean Domina’s Menu of Corruption for Ocho Rios…..

Ocho Rios in Jamaica, Caribbean Islands has been waiting so long for a professional dominatrix so here’s a little insight into my personal CV of Torment.. my sadistic specialities supplied include medical play, electrics, urethral sounding, strap-on and snap play, bondage, judicial punishment and discipline, queening, water and hard sports (please take time to read this link which explains my rules, conduct expected and what I consider off limits). I consider my mind to be my sharpest and most honed tool…and once I get inside yours, you’ll be at the mercy of mine. I bring creativity and variety to my fetish feast, all tailored bespoke according to the unique desires of my clientele. 

Femdom and Fetish Parties Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Caribbean Islands

Because I love all aspects of my Femdom lifestyle and enjoy sharing my BDSM pleasure with a wider audience, I’ve extended my talents into the arena of Femdom and fetish parties and events. 

Supporting me in these ventures are guest Mistresses & Masters who are natural dominants and adept at owning any room they walk into  (subject to availability). Together we unite to offer an awesome array of skills in every aspect of deviance! You’ll be writhing under the experience of double flogging, impact play (corporal/judicial punishments/school discipline) and all forms of degradation, including foot, boot and anal fetish, bondage , medical and electro play, humiliation, pegging/strap on play, including spit roasting subs mercilessly. Basically everything under the banner of taboo!

Fetish, BDSM and Swingers parties include: 

  • Femdom: BDSM & Fetish, Ebony Goddess Worship, and Domina events
  • Swingers night: “Saucy Soulies – sexy group fun and play night
  • Couples/Singles/Ladies party nights: niche audience play parties
  • Gentlemen Club Evenings: Members only, exclusive closed door event to be  held quarterly especially for those gentlemen who prefer complete privacy and discretion. Apply for membership and forthcoming dates
  • Femdom Gala: prestigious annual event held in luxurious 5* adult Only hotels or Villas in Jamaica

Visit My Femdom Events Page

I am  currently investing in the construction of my very own luxury hedonistic SM Studio in the area of St Ann in Jamaica close to the resort town of Ocho Rios. In a prized geographical location less than 5 minutes drive from all the luxury 5* all inclusive hotels, it is set to open at the end of 2020 (unless subject to unforeseen delays).

Want to keep up with my mayhem of perversion? Then follow me on Twitter: @jamaicafemdom and @DecadentDomina1 or on Fetlife – Jamaica-Femdom, to keep up with events.

Hong Kong Dominatrix

Date with a Hong Kong Dominatrix

Hong Kong DominatrixIf you like the idea of being dominated day in and day out in a foreign city full of chaos, visit Hong Kong with a dominatrix, yes with me, Madame Darkness. Hong Kong has an intense and chaotic vibe, made more powerful by its hot and humid Spring and wet Summer seasons. The city will have you in a spin so if your desire for submission is deep this will make you even more willing to hand over control to Mistress as I take the reigns and guide us through an amazing voyage of discovery of new places and new BDSM experiences.

We’ll escape the city to the beautiful deserted islands, or visit the traditional villages, and in the evening dine with the Buddhists in the temples. Or maybe we’ll dine at one of Hong Kong’s esteemed Cantonese or Sichuan restaurants; noodles, seafood, tofu – delicious!

Not to mention Mistress’s favourite past time – shopping. Upmarket and glitzy shopping malls; shoe shopping befitting for a dominatrix of my persuasions. Electronic gadgetry is a must for the tech nerd, buy something for Mistress and she might allow you the pleasure of your own purchase as a special treat.

We can end a day of fetish shoe shopping by the Hong Kong Harbour enjoying the culture that this magnificent city has to offer, maybe a Chinese Opera or a concert held in one of the museums or concert halls.

Satisfy this Hong Kong Dominatrix’s whims and desire and only then you can expect a night of BDSM and Femdom Power Exchange! Perhaps you will be deprived of all sensory functions, bound and mummified on the floor of the hotel room, maybe you’ll experience the sweet sensation of my whips, behave yourself and you’ll be permitted to serve as my own human toilet.

Then up at a dawn for Tai Chi on the harbour 🙂

Sound like fun? Contact me to discuss